Kabaale Industrial Park


The 29.57 sq. Km Kabaale  Industrial Park will host the planned 60,000 barrels of oil per day refinery, upstream crude oil xport hub (Delivery Point) and Uganda’s second international airport, which will all be developed as independent projects.
UNOC is looking for strategic partnership(s) with (an) eligible entity(ies) to offer managerial, technical and financial services needed for the development of Kabaale Industrial Park:

Low tech investments
1. Warehousing and Storage
2. Freight and Forwarding
3. Residential
4. Hospitality

Medium tech investment
1. Access Roads & ICT Links
2. Utility Distribution Network
3. Waste Management
4. Service & Maintenance
5. Facilities Management

High tech investments
1. Petrochemical Industries
2. Fertiliser & Agro-products
3. Mineral Processing
4. Other Manufacturing
5. Industrial Gases
6. LPG & Petroleum Products
7. Science & Technology
8. Training & Skills Development

For more information, please contact: info@unoc.co.ug